About Me~

Photo - Me and Ceasar in front of Dahlias
Photo - Me and Ceasar in front of Dahlias

I have been interested in and creating art since early childhood, and have gone on to win many drawing contests and "most artistic" recognition in school. Later, I received a BA in Fine Art from Georgian Court University, Lakewood, NJ and then went on to teach myself graphic designs using computer art programs such as Illustrator, PhotoShop, and Gimp2. Computer art led to my employment as a Graphic artist for one of the largest pet book publishers in the world. TFH or Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine This was the place where I learned a great deal about the publishing industry and printing in general. Today I create traditional art by commission and work on Freelance projects such as product design, my (POD) print on demand stores, textiles and teaching group art classes. 

Above: A compilation of some of the work I did in the 90's as Graphic Artist at Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine. I spent six years designing pet books and reptile/fish magazine issues, as well as book covers and Nylabone packaging. I left this job to have my son but I loved working in publishing where I learned so much.

Left: Me and my  dog, Ceasar ~  in front of our yearly dahlia garden.


With a BA in art, I went back to Georgian Court University and got my Elementary teaching certification. From time to time I teach group art classes to children (and sometimes adults) - which I absolutely love! You can use the button below to link to and view our class website.

Above: Projects from my children's group art classes, follow the link above to see past classes and my original lessons in drawing, painting and fun crafts for kids of all ages and levels of ability.