Welcome to my new Website! 

~ and my new Blog ~ 

Welcome to EverIris.com

Original Art by Sandra Gale!

If you have been to EverIris.com in the past, you will notice that everything is different. Recently, I took my wix website, with its many pages, music & cool features, and I checked the "analytics" to find that although my website gained a lot of traffic... not many people have the time or the patience to go through ten pages to see my art portfolio. So, I decided to re-do my site to just have a few pages for customers, clients, and viewers, where they can find my art prints, products and contact info. 

Hopefully this format is easier and faster scrolling to use with all phones and tablets. Please let me know if you like the new website or if you think it was better the old way.
 Also, please follow me on Facebook to see my new work and to get information. I will also be making blogs several times a month as well. 

* I plan to upload a photo of my best selling product for that month at the end of each blog so you can see what is trending at the time.
* Look for my Work in process (WIP's) photos here and on my Facebook group page for my newest art projects.
* I will be doing original art "give-aways" this year (2019) of some of my select pieces of signed art that you can frame, keep or give away. Look for info in my upcoming blogs!

Thanks for visiting and Happy Holiday Season!

Please feel free to contact me through email or facebook!

Some of my older Christmas and Holiday Designs available  on multiple products and prints.